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    JobRunners?offers home cleaning, delivery, admin support, and handyman work to the public ֺϲɾֳֵ   Q   D

    If I was a robot I could continue to go this route, but I just find life more enjoyable when I get to talk about things that interest me.   P   K

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    Lets take a closer look at these money-making ideas and discuss some tips to make your online business successful.   G е11ת9ֳ   J

       T Flippa. Offers a wide range of niche websites with a global network of buyers and sellers.Latonas. Mainly promotes websites and online stores no younger than a year and with a minimum annual revenue of $20,000.Empire Flippers. Sells profitable websites with a wide range of monthly revenues, from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.SideProjectors. A platform to buy and sell digital projects like websites, eCommerce stores, apps, and domain names.    N

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       KSource tutorial includes all the details about every single step with images and diagrams. You will get to know everything deeply in the source tutorial. Although, this a professional woodworkers project, but it doesnt mean that you cant do it. If I can do it, then you can do it too. You have to know some basic woodworking knowledge first and should have some basic skills of using woodworking tools.   M

    What is Required   O

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       Xϰ볡1.5ֳ   T


    My book, Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need for Penguin Random House, was released in?February, 2019.   T    W

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      NС򷢷ֳ Time: Low to high Earnings: $5C35 per survey    H

    3. Survey Junkie Platform: mobile, web, desktop | Price: free    U Time: Low to high Earnings: $50C75 per resume Extra tools: Scripting software or illustrator (optional)    X


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    You know when you get to the checkout when youre buying online, and you see a little box for a coupon code?AjͶעֳ   W    G

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    Have you ever seen modern pallet end tables? They might look ugly as sin and also your grandpa may be ASHAMED if you bought one. With the help of a little hardware and some hefty dowelsC you will be sitting by the on your patio in style.  Q   N

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    Nothing is more amazing than having a beautiful and rustic pallet coffee table right in the middle of your bedroom or patio. As wooden furniture can cost you huge, we are here you to give you some inexpensive handmade DIY wooden projects.   D    H


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    ߣɽʡֹ    Դwww.35_crmo.com       ʱ䣺20190326 壺 С 





     ƺ       ̼(C      (Mn)     (Ni)    (Si)    (P)    (S)    (Cr)    ͭ(Cu)   (Mo)
    35crmo    0.32-0.40   0.40-0.70   ≤0.030  0.17-0.37  ≤0.035  ≤0.035 0.80-1.10   ≤0.20  0.15-0.25

    ǿ σb (MPa)≥985(100)

    ǿ σs (MPa)≥835(85)

    쳤 δ5 (%)≥12

    ψ (%)≥45

    Akv (J)≥63

    ֵ αkv (J/cm2)≥78(8)

    Ӳ ≤229HB


    35CrMoֹȴ淶֯ ȴ淶850,;ػ550,ˮ䡢䡣


    ӣ35crmoֹ  35crmo޷ֹ  35crmoϽ  35crmoϽֹ  42crmoֹ   42crmo޷ֹ  42crmoϽ  42crmoϽֹ   35crmoֹܳ  35crmoϽܳ   35crmo޷ֹܳ  35crmoϽֹܳ   42crmoֹܳ 42crmo޷ֹܳ 42crmoϽܳ  42crmoϽֹܳ

    һƪ42crmoֹ      һƪ35crmoֹ

    ɽʡֹ޹˾ Ȩ վ̨
    һ0635-2993006 0635-2993005 ۶0635-2998125 0635-2998124 ۴棺0635-8884224 ֻ13506350142 ϵˣ Ͼ ̾
    Ʒ ϵ վͼ
    ͸Ͷעֻ ֻŲƱѯ ͸4+1Ǯ ˫ɫѡż ƽ8Ʊֻapp
    188kjֳ ˫ɫ17118ڷ 17500ֲֻ ϲƱѯ ˫ɫ2016139ʫ
    ͸С̫ͯͼܻȫͼ ʹٷûapp ӯʲƱעû ˫ɫ14098ڰͼ ͸ֻͶעָ
    3dרԤ⾫ʮ pkͼȫ ʲƱѯ19017 ٷֲַȫƻ ֲַʿֱ